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13-02-2018Tender Notice No. - 71/MC/PURCHASE/18, Dt. 13/02/2018
10-02-2018Tender Notice No. - 64/MC/TENDER/2018, Dt. 10.02.2018
02-02-2018TENDER NOTICE NO - 49/MC/TENDER/18, Dt. 02/02/2018
16-01-2018Tender Notice No.31/MC/TENDER/2018, Dt. 16.01.2018
08-01-2018Tender Notice No.1291/MC/SPORTS(TENDER)/2018, Dt.08/01/2018
05-01-2018Tender Notice No.-1286/MC/TENDER/18, Dt.: 05/01/2018
26-12-2017Tender Notice No. 1279/MC/TENDER/2017, Dt. 26/12/2017
22-12-2017Tender Notice - 1275/MC/TENDER/2017, Dt. 22/12/2017
11-12-2017Tender Notice - 1249/MC/TENDER/2017, Dt. 13/11/2017
08-12-2017Revised Tender Notice No.- 1246/MC/Tender/2017, Dated 07.12.2017
07-12-2017Tender Notice No.- 1246/MC/Tender/2017, Dated 07.12.2017
29-11-2017Tender Notice No.1231/MC/TENDER/LIBRARY/2017, Dt. 29.11.2017
25-11-2017Tender Notice - 1023/MC/TENDER/2017, Dt. 25/11/2017
25-11-2017Tender Notice - 1024/MC/TENDER/2017, Dt. 25/11/2017
25-11-2017Tender Notice - 1025/MC/TENDER/2017, Dt. 25/11/2015
21-11-2017Details of Tender Notice No. 1005/MC/Tender/2017
17-11-2017TENDER NOTICE NO. - 1005/MC/TENDER/2017
13-11-2017Tender Notice - 1001/MC/TENDER/2017, Dt. 13/11/2017
31-10-2017TENDER NOTICE NO. - 980/MC/TENDER/2017
19-08-2017Notice Inviting tender Ref. No: 919/MC/Tender/17 dated 19-08-2017
17-08-2017Ref. No. - 915 /MC/TENDER/2017
08-08-2017TENDER NOTICE NO. - 902 /MC/TENDER/2017 DATED 09/08/2017
04-08-2017Tender Notice - 896/MC/TENDER/2017, Dt.04/08/2017
15-07-2017TENDER NOTICE NO.- 869/MC/TENDER/17 DATED 15.07.2017
03-07-2017Tender Notice- 842/MC/Tender/2017
19-06-2017TENDER NOTICE NO - 829/MC/TENDER/2017, Date : 19/06/2017
30-05-2017Tender Notice Ref. No.- 785/MC/TENDER/2017
02-05-2017Repairing & Colouring of Vivekananda Hall
24-04-2017TENDER NOTICE NO. - 678/MC/TENDER/2017
22-04-2017NOTICE - Inviting Quotation for Labour Rates for Construction of Staff Quarter of Midnapore College, Midnapore
18-04-2017Tender Notice Ref. No.- 672/MC/TENDER/2017
08-04-2017Tender Notice - 663/MC/PURCHASE/2017, Dt.08/04/2017
24-03-2017Tender Notice _ March-2017_ BCA & Comp. Sci. retender_ Microprocessor Trainer Kit _ External HDD_ Micro Lab Kit
14-02-2017Tender Notice No.- 581/MC/Purchase/17 dated 14.02.2017
04-02-2017Tender Notice No.- 564/MC/PURCHASE/2017 DATE:- 04/02/2017
16-01-2017Tender Notice No.- 521/MC/PURCHASE/2017 DATE:- 16.01.2017
03-01-2017Inviting Quotations from Reputed Decorators
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