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Midnapore College has stepped into 142 years of its eventful existence withstanding all the storms and buffets which long life necessarily involves. Beginning as the College Section of the then Midnapore Zilla School (in 1834) as the pioneer College in Midnapore, it has now become one of the best colleges in West Bengal. It achieved the dignified status of a Degree College in Science in 1873 under the affiliation of Calcutta University. Thanks to the selfless devotion of its outstanding benefactors, it has now achieved prominence among the students a yearning for higher learning, the outcome being the elevation of the standard of learning.This College had a very humble beginning. In 1836 it was under the Government Control and then converted into a Zilla School in 1840. In 1873 an endowment of Rs. 60,000/- (sixty thousand) was handed over to the Government and the Zilla School was raised to the status of a Second Grade College.
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