Convex OptimizationBoyd
Fourier Analysis : an introductionStein
General TopologyWillard
Linear AlgebraChakraborty
Probability and statisticsChakraborty
Cohomology and differential formsVaisman
Basic AlgebraJacobson
Lecture notice on elementary topology and geometrySinger
Functions of one complex variableConway
A course on multivariable calculus and analysisGhorpada
A course on functional analysisConway
Differentia geometry of curves and surfaceCarmo
Basic Algebra ii (2nd ed)Jacobson
Real analysisKlambaue
A book of abstract algebra Pinter
Enumerative geometry and string theoryKatz
Advanced real analysis Knapp
Cryptography: theory and practicesStinson
Foundation of complex analysisPonnusamy
Advanced practical GeographySaha/Basu
Waste lands and planning for developmentKalwar
City planning : problems and prospectsYadav
Research methodology in geographyMurthy
Agro climatic regional planning in India vol.1Basu/Guha
Agro climatic regional planning in India vol.2Basu/Guha
Basics of economic geographyChatterjee
Research methodology in geographyMisra/Singh
Dams and Dev. In IndiaNayak
Research methodsAhuja
Natural Hazards and disasterSingh
Small cities and towns in global eraSharma
Migration in IndiaMukherjee
India's new economic policyAhmed
Text book of practical geographyKhan
The study of Urban geography Carter
Transport geographySaxana
Remote sensing and geographical information systemsVyas
Field methods in remote sensing McCoy
Thems in geographic thoughtHarvey
Economic geographySaxena
Dictionary of remote sensing and geoinformaticsMalik
Atmosphere, weather and climateBarry and Chorley
Elements of CartographyRobinson
Remote sensing and image interpretationLillesamd and Kieber
Remote sensing of the environmentJenson
Fundamentals of remote sensingJoseph
India's demographyMajumdar
Building bioinformatics solutionsBessant
Exercise physiologyPlowman
Gene cloning and DNA analysis an introduction Brown T.A
Genetics analysis and principlesBrooker
Genetics and molecular biologyHyde
Human molecular geneticsStrachan
Lehninger principles biochemistryNelson/Cox
Textbook of biochemistry and human biologyTalwar
Biochemistry the molecular basis of lifeMckee
Cellular microbiologyCossart
Endocrinology and metabolismPinchera
Exerise physiologyKatch
Human physiologySilverthorn
Lippincotts illustrated reviews microbiologyHarvey
Occupational safty and healthGoetsch
Text book of human histologySingh
Animal physiologyHill
Biochemistry the molecular basis of lifeCampbell
Consice medical physiologyChaudhuri
Developmental neurobiologyLemke
Environmental chemistryVanloon
Human physiologyDavies
Human physiology 13edFox
Medical physiology asystemsRaff
Physiology of sport and exerciseWilmore
Engineering mathematicsKala
Business mathematicsKumar
Calculus of VariationsSharma
Elementary Mathematical EcologyVandermeer
Abstract algebraSaracen
Laplace & fourier TransformsDas
Discrete & Continous Fourier Analysisweaver
Advance MathematicsSrinivasa
discrete MathematiceKeshavan
discrete MathematiceZhang
Textbook of Real AnalysisGupta
Laplace & fourier TransformsDas
Electromagnetic Field and WavesWang
The Special Theory of RelativityMorris
Atomic and Nuclear Physics Littlefield
Quantum TheoryLahiri
Introduction to superconductivityTinkham
The NanoscopeSanthi
Introductory Solid State physicsSchmool
Principals of Molecular BiologyRastogi
Organic EvolutionRastogi
Essentials of Lief ScienceXu
Manual of Fishescailiet
Cell Structrue and FunctionsSarkar
Microbiology Handbook of Fish & SeafoodFernandes
Essentials of Nanotechnology Anand
Water Resources: Roy
Textbook of Environmental StudiesReddy
Water chemistry Benjamin
Organic Synthesis Through disconectionKalsi
Textbook of physical chemistrylahiri
Advance organic ChemistryKar
Claytons intro.to organic ChemistryHeathcock
Textbook of Pericyclic ReactionsMajumder
Devlins Outline of Plant PhysiologyDevlin
devlins Exercises in plant PhysiologyDevlin
Microbilology, phycology,micology,LichSreekumar
Practical Manual of BiochemistrySharma
Laboratory Manual of Biochemistry & BiotechnologyAneja
Zubays principals of Biochemistry 5th edRastogi
Objective Agricultural Microbiology Verma
The Diversity of Green PlantsSingh
Essential of Economics Botany Prasad
Essential Education For Environmental UstainabilityJena
Hazardous Waste Management 2nd edLagrega
fundamentals of Enzyme Kinetics Bowden
Global Warming and Climate changeRoy
Disaster ManagementSharma
Air Pollution Control Cooper
Foundations of Environmental EngineeringCooper
Renewable energy (Second Revised update edRoy

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