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(Kabi Nazrul Janma Satabarshiki Chhatri Nibas)

Midnapore College (Autonomous) has one Girls’ Hostel which had its inception on 5th September, 2000 being inaugurated by Sri Pranab Kumar Mukherjee, the then member of Rajyashabha. The Hostel is christened as “Kabi Nazrul Janma Satabarshiki Chhatri Nibas”.
Intake capacity – 120 (UG & PG)

Admission Rules:-

1. During admission UG and PG intending candidates are to fillup prescribed Hostel Forms.
2. Admission of eligible candidates is considered by the Hostel Committee as per Admission Norms and Govt. Reservation Guidelines.
3. The admission is for one academic session (July to June).
4. One time session Charge is collected during admission into the Hostel.
5. The admission criteria depends solely on merit and the distance of residence of the student from Midnapore.

Rules for the Boarders:-

1. Ragging is strictly prohibited. Boarders accused to be involved in ragging will be immediately rusticated from hostel.
2. Any problem of the boarders should be reported to the superintendent / G.B. nominee.
3. After admission the boarders must report to the Superintendent within 7 days from the date of commencement of class, otherwise seats will be declared vacant.
4. No unsuccessful candidate in any University/College examination will be allowed to continue as boarder of the hostel for the next session.
5. No boarder will be allowed to stay at the college hostel during the Puja Holidays or long vacations.
6. Boarders are to pay up seat rent, light charges for the whole session. All fees for the session are to be cleared before form fill up of final examination.
7. All hostel fees are to be deposited at the college cash counter.
8. Hostel charge (e.g. Seat rent, Electric charge and any other charges) are to be deposited within 25th day of each month. Defaulters will have to pay a fine of Rs. 50/- for each month.
9. Session charge and Service charge of 2nd and 3rd Year boarders are to be deposited within 10th day of July each year. Defaulter’s boardership may be cancelled from the Hostel and seats may be declared vacant.
10. Cash deposit receipts are to be shown to the superintendent / warden for official record.
11. Hostel fees structure may be revised / changed. None of the fees is refundable except caution money.
12. If any boarder is absent for more than 3 months, or seat rent and electric charges are due for more than 3 months, his boardership may be cancelled from the Hostel and seats may be declared vacant.
13. Any boarder, if he wants to leave the hostel, will have to pay up all the hostel dues & seek prior permission of the superintendent.
14. Misconduct with the neighbours / outsiders will invite fine and/or expulsion from Hostel/College.
15. A boarder leaving the hostel in the midst of the session shall take necessary clearance from the college office and superintendent.
16. Boarders of Part-III Examination will be treated as regular boarders only up to the completion of their university examination.
17. No meeting shall be held within the hostel premises.
18. No visitor will be allowed during the study hours (i.e. from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. & from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.).
19. No female visitor will be allowed to enter the hostel without permission of the superintendent.
20. No furniture shall be removed from one place to another without permission of the superintendent.
21. No boarder will be allowed to use the electrical equipments and applications, viz. Heater, Radio, Tape-Recorder, Iron, CD/DVD Player/I-Pod, and Computer.
22. All lights/fans must be switched off when the occupants leave the rooms.
23. Walls of the rooms, verandah etc. should be kept neat and clean for all times, otherwise, boarders will be held responsible for cleaning it up and be fined.
24. The cost of bleaching powder, bulbs etc. will be incurred from the messing expenses.
25. Any type of campaigning is strictly prohibited inside the Hostel Campus.
26. Two Hostel Committee members will be elected every year. Each member of the Hostel committee will take responsibility to run the hostel smoothly.
27. If any boarder is expelled from the Hostel for any breach of rules, he may be expelled from the college also, without assigning any reason.
28. All matters related to internal discipline will be decided by the superintendent in consultation with the Principal of the college.
29. Cases of infringement of rules and defiance of the order of the authorities shall be dealt with severely by the superintendent.
30. Boarders found guilty of violation of hostel rules or gross misconduct shall be liable to disciplinary action including expulsion from the Hostel/ College.
31. The authority of the college reserves the right to modify any rule or rules from time to time at their own discretion.

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