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The epic academic Odyssey started from the incipient stages of a private school in 1834, the Zilla School in 1840, a burgeoning College in 1873, a Govt. Sponsored College in 1956 and in 1985 the affiliation of the College changed from the University of Calcutta to Vidyasagar University. A host of sagacious teachers, proficient both in teaching and research, diligent and knowledge- ebullient students, committed and zealous non-teaching staff, much-coveted infrastructure, uniquely furnished Central Library, several academic opportunities, coupled with adequate support services brought the College to come to its one and only goal of becoming the premier Higher Education hub not only in the State of West Bengal but also in the Country.

Midnapore College is the oldest and most renowned of all the colleges in the undivided district of Midnapore. It played the pioneering role in the spread of higher education and also in the Freedom Movement of the Country. The past of the college is a saga of meritorious service to all walks of life. Under the aegis of the British Government the college began disseminating Western Education in the interest of rational and scientific education which was led by Raja Rammohan Roy. The college became a part and parcel of Bengal Renaissance.

Midnapore College has achieved Autonomous Status as a feather in the cap after two NAAC visits, first in 2004 and second in 2011but the success has not come overnight. Success of the College like success of any institution has brought not only a battalion of followers but also a gaggle of detractors. The College has been stubborn enough not to surrender before the dissidents’ demand and has learnt how to tide over all adversities and vicissitudes as it has been doing since its inception in 1873.

History is not a dead past; it is a quivering part of the present. The present conferment of Autonomous Status by the UGC from the Session 2014-2015 urges us to remember how Midnapore College sprouted from a tiny seed to a full grown plant with the plethora of academic promises by proliferating its boughs and branches into wider social connectivities along with its academic excellences and innovative researches.

The College has got accolades for excellences but there is no berth of complacence. There is humility to acknowledge the fact that complacence of any sort is self-annihilating. The competence and the excellence of the students are our richest endowments. We are committed to creating a mind-set for upholding the pristine glory of the College and carrying forward the good and golden legacy of our “Potential Knowledge Capital”.

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